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“Multimedia can stimulate more than one sense at a time, and in doing so, may be more attention-getting and attention-holding.”

Multimedia, the term defines using more than one medium of expression or communication. In other words, it is the combination of various digital media types such as text, images, sound and video, into an integrated multi-sensory interactive application or presentation to convey a message or information to an audience.

Using multimedia in classroom helps educators engage students and provide them with valuable learning opportunities. It’s easy to remember a picture than a paragraph, an animated video of a concept worth more of a lecture and a video demonstration of a process (or an instrument) by a scientist gives more real time knowledge than a theoretical explanation. There is no doubt educators consider multimedia as a great tool to improve student learning. Here are a few benefits of using multimedia in classroom:

Multimedia empowers students to create and design rather than absorb representations created by others.

It improves reflective thinking. Therefore, It also provides students with suitable learning resources according to their learning styles and abilities.

Most of the educators and administrators are adopting latest educational technologies in order to reach the 21st century learning standards. Of all those tech approaches, usage of multimedia is one of the great tools to engage students. Let’s hear what educators suggest about new ways of using multimedia in classroom.

Personalized Learning using Multimedia Resources:

Multimedia resources help different learners meet their learning needs. As we know, different students have different learning styles so educators can easily provide them with suitable learning resources using multimedia. Educators use YouTube to provide visual learners with online videos, podcasts for auditory learners and interactive games for tactile learners. Multimedia resources make everything easy for students to learn in their comfortable learning style. So unlike traditional approaches, in which only the teachers used to lead the entire classroom delivering long lectures.  Also at the same pace, the use of multimedia results in personalizing learning.

Group Learning:

Using tools such as blogs, social networks and wikis enable students to work together in learning a particular concept. Therefore students use these to share their works with others, give feed backs on others’ works and discuss among others a particular topic. It can be done through either blogging or micro blogging (Tweets). Using these tools, educators can engage students in several works and watch them collaborating with each other, peer assessing each other’s works and learning as a group.

Improve Presentation skills:

Using storyboarding, videos and slideshows is a great way to improve student learning. Therefore it allows them to engage with text in a very visual way aided by various media tools. Also these tools enable students to express their ideas and works in concise ways that capture the attention of the audience and they develop an ability to communicate thoughts and concepts through a variety of resources, including text and recorded narrations.

Because giving students a wider choice of software and tools to present their work is  so important and so effective of an approach as it allows learners to decide on the style of presentation that best suits their personality. This is also a way to allow the learners to engagein their education so in a more personalized way and also improve their creativity, critical thinking and reflective thoughts.

Basic Uses

We have given a few basic ways of using multimedia in the classroom and we’d like to hear from you more innovative ways of using it in the classroom.

Applications of multimedia in home: overview of some of the information are as follows. Commonly used by many people at home so let us check it out one by one.

  1. Media home theater is used in more homes for movies in addition to television and social media more and more.
  2. Play Station is used to play games and another way to enjoy with the family.
  3. TV Set can be purchased which a form of multimedia to watch movies, sports, news etc.,
  4. Computer is a form of multimedia, present in home to make multimedia in addition to powerpoint presentations.
  5. Lots of  multimedia educational games are also available which may be helpful to children in learning various educational stuff.
  6. Media player can used at home to play songs or to watch videos or movies for entertainment.
  7. Computer, laptop, mobile phones, projector, TV, media player etc are different forms of multimedia and can be used at home and also for business.

Applications of media in education:

  1. Media is used in education by making educational games, students finds it interesting and learn quickly.
  2. Media is used for entertainment, various computer games uses multimedia to make it more interesting.
  3. Powerpoint presentation can be made more effective using multimedia , people pays more attention to media slides  than simple slides. Subject in the powerpoint presentation can be explained with the help of audio visual aides.
  4. Advertisement industry uses audio visual imedia for marketing purpose to grab the attention of viewers.
  5. Media also plays an important role in scientific research, molecular model can be understand better with the help of multimedia.
  6. Various software companies and companies making mobile apps uses multimedia to make it more attractive.
  7. Millions of websites takes help of multimedia to look more attractive than competitor websites.
  8. Doctors takes help of multimedia for surgery, advanced equipment are available which uses multimedia for better and quick results.
  9. For designing a machine or automobile multimedia is very useful.
  10. For designing layout of house and building or wide construction multmedia plays an important role.
  11. Media messaging system is also available, mobile phones have MMS service to send videos and or pictures.
  12. News companies uses multimedia to engage global audience.
  13. Media is useful in various fields such as arts, medicine, engineering, business, entertainment, scientific research, mathematics and much more.


Applications of media in business: Let us check it out some of the points related to business. Following are some of the information to know more about business.

  1. Media devices such as mobile phones, laptops etc plays and important role to grow business.
  2. Millions of online websites (form of media) are available on internet to reach end user and grow business.
  3. As a result more and more companies are taking an advantages of world wide web to increase sales of their products.
  4. Using multimedia anyone can sell their product anywhere in the world on internet.
  5. Placing advertisement in magazines and newspapers business can be increased effectively.
  6. Powerpoint presentation (multimedia) is also an effective way to give details of their product.
  7. Because on the internet millions of people watch videos , since we can share our product with them within seconds.
  8. Audio Visual is an effective and cheapest way to grab an attention of the visitors and share information about various products easily.
  9. So advertising industry uses multimedia for marketing various products.
  10. Various companies making Virtual Games uses multimedia and makes it more attractive.
  11. Today multimedia is very important to promote any type of business easily and effectively.
  12. Various companies use multimedia to entertain their visitors and also make profit from multimedia.
  13. In conclusion media is also used to extend the list of clients also want to use various technology such as email, SMS, MMS etc.